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A Message From the IFRM Global Chair

Welcome to the website of IFRM, the International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians.

Please, DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by thinking: "Well, I am not a musician, this must not be for me."  Au contraire my friend.  If you enjoy music, this Rotary Fellowship is for you. Our members come from countries all around the world.  The musical skills that range from professional musicians to those who can play a recording on their phone or computer.  The common denominator is "we all love and enjoy music."  We are a Rotary Fellowship.  Fellowships and Rotary Action Groups were designed to help Rotarians connect with other Rotarians outside of their local club around areas of common interest.  IFRM was among one of the earliest Fellowships to form.

The IFRM Mission is…
  • to promote Rotary Fellowship by encouraging clubs to sing,
  • to organize musical activities for performances at all levels of Rotary functions,
  • and to support community music organizations and school music programs.

The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians provides a world-wide platform that encourages all types of musical performances, be they vocal or instrumental.  We have web, Facebook, Twitter, Google group, and other social media connections.   

We are present at the Rotary International Conventions, often with a Rotary World Choir and a presence on the Musical Stages of the House of Friendship along with a booth that helps us make music together. 

IFRM is an association, but has a separate charitable 501c3 Foundation (IFRM, Inc), which funds projects around the world supporting worthwhile musical projects for youth, seniors, and communities in need.

Our historical roots in Rotary International

The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians (IFRM) began in 1972 to "promote and encourage the use and appreciation of music in Rotary Clubs by Rotarians in our society and, thereby, to encourage world understanding." It received "not for profit" status in July 1985 and was incorporated in California (USA) in 2004. In 2007, IFRM, Inc. was formed as a 501c3 Foundation in order to accept tax-deductible gifts from USA donors and to fund projects to promote music literacy throughout the world.  IFRM was one of the first Rotary Fellowships.

Over the last four decades, officers and members of the Fellowship have taken a leading role in extending the cultural and educational use of music in Rotary through group singing, musical entertainment, and the fostering of music projects around the world.

IFRM Today

IFRM brings together an international collection of Rotarians, Rotary Alums, Spouses and Friends to explore together the joy of music through participation in musical activities.  From listening to performing, IFRM provides a “stage” for engagement in the love of music.  We are working on a new Rotary Songbook. Throughout the year, we connect on an active website, (you are here now), on social media, and we even have a zoom virtual choir “IFRM Sings.”   Newsletters “Stacatto”, and “Music Notes” will keep you informed about IFRM and its members.  So, please consider joining us — a 3-year membership is only $35 which is less than a dollar a month.  What a deal, and what an opportunity to meet fellow music loving Rotarians and Friends from around the world.

Please take some time and explore our website.  If you love and enjoy music and wish to make and connect with Rotary Friends around the world, IFRM might be the Rotary Fellowship for you. 

In Rotary,

Rod Fivelstad
Global Chair International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians

IFRM Purpose

The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians (IFRM) began in 1972 to "promote and encourage the use and appreciation of music in Rotary Clubs by Rotarians in our society and, thereby, to encourage world understanding."


IFRM Mission

  • To promote Rotary fellowship by encouraging clubs to sing
  • To organize musical activities for performance at all levels of Rotary functions
  • To support community musical organization and school music programs

IFRM Activities

Officers and members of the Fellowship take a leading role in extending the cultural and educational use of music in Rotary through group singing, musical entertainment, and the fostering of music projects around the world.

IFRM arranges and publishes the annual RI Presidential Theme Songs, furnishes musical leadership and performances at events at all Rotary levels, and mans a booth at RI International Conventions.

Music Notes Newsletters

Music Notes Vol-48 No-3

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Music Notes Vol-48 No-3

December 2021

Year-End Recap: It has been both a challenging and gratifying year for IFRM. Covid-19 shut down the Rotary Convention scheduled for Taiwan, the virtual Rotary Convention we created a virtual booth in the virtual House of Friendship, we formed the IFRM Virtual World Choir with members from around the world meeting on Saturday Mornings, the IFRM Board has been meeting periodically via Zoom to carry and others have "virtually" attend Installation Programs for new IFRM Chapters in various regions of India. The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians now has more than 1,000 active members and is growing with new memberships coming in almost every week.

2022 Convention News: Rotary is still finalizing plans around the Convention scheduled for Houston in early June. It may be a hybrid convention with both components of live and virtual events. If there is a live aspect and travel permits IFRM will have a booth in the House of Friendship. Indications are that there may not be a Rotary World Choir, but that decision has not been finalized by Rotary International nor IFRM.


  • IFRM in the September 2021 Rotary Magazine
  • IFRM says "Thanks Judy" and "Bye, Bye"
  • RI Song Book and Music Resource Database: Helper needed
  • Keeping the Beat… Ada Kahn

Music Notes Vol-48 No-2

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Music Notes Vol-48 No-2

June 2021

Virtual Rotary Convention: The BIG news is that we have a “virtual” booth at the House of Friendship at the Virtual Rotary Convention. We have put together more than 30 minutes of singing and inspirational and informational talks about various aspects of IFRM including our plans for a new song book and our partnership with Music Mends Minds. Our booth is interactive, so that you will be able to select what you want to view. You will need to be registered for the Rotary Virtual Convention for access to the House of Friendship and our booth. IF you are attending the “virtual” convention, I hope you will visit our IFRM booth.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place during the Convention, but you will not need to register for the convention. Our AGM will take place on zoom at 8 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (West Coast US and Canada). Here is the zoom link for the meeting.


  • IFRM Drop-in meetings
  • IFRM Website News
  • NEW RI Song Book Work Continues
  • Keeping the Beat… Barry Oxford

Music Notes Vol-48 No-1

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Music Notes Vol-48 No-1

March 2021

IFRM, stronger despite Covid - March 2021, it has been one year since Covid-19 began to really impact and change our lives. It has not been the happiest year of my life, and in fact probably has been one of the most difficult. The difficulty comes as one of my great joys, corporate and choral singing in person was unceremoniously taken away from me. All of the choirs I participate in stopped rehearsing in person and all performances ceased. Bummer! Ah, but a bright spot appeared: ZOOM . . .

IFRM is NOT just about Singing - At IFRM we want to encourage all types of musical expression and forms. Instumentalists are also a very welcome and appreciated part of our Fellowship. What can we do for you? As your Global Chair, I want to hear from you with your ideas. You can reach me by email at

Drop-In Meetings
New IFRM Songbook Continues
Keeping the Beat...
IFRM Goes Around the World

Music Notes Volume-47 No-2

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Music Notes Volume-47 No-2

Dec. 2020

At IFRM, We sincerely hope that you are able to enjoy a health-filled and joyous Holiday Season. As IFRMers, we bring a grand variety of cultural traditions to this season around the world, Christmas, Diwali, Festivals of Lights, Kwanza, Hannukah and many more. We all hope that 2021 will bring us toward a more “normal” world.

It is now official. Rotary international broadened entry to the World of Rotary by incorporating Policies that allow ANY Interested person to join Rotary Fellowships. IFRM has agreed through the approval of its membership to open IFRM membership to any interested in person, not just Rotarians. We are excited and hope to broaden our niche in the world of Rotary, to help more people learn about and enjoy the benefits that being a part of Rotary International provides.


  • Let’s Do This! Plans for a NEW RI Song Book, Continues! By Susan DuPree
  • Keeping the Beat……with Carol Rosenstein and Music Mends Minds by Ada Kahn
  • IFRM Goes around the World
  • Reports

Music Notes Vol-47 No-1

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Music Notes Vol-47 No-1

Sept. 2020

IFRM in the World of Covid-19 by Rod Fivelstad, IFRM Global Chair
(RC of Grass Valley, CA)
 Well, 2020 has certainly presented it challenges to all of us. IFRM is weathering the storm and continues to be a strong fellowship, even in these challenging times.
On July 1, Rod Fivelstad became the Global Chair of the International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians, which has been most admirably led by Lee Denlinger for the past 10 years. Part of the Global Chair responsibiilies include becoming the editior of MUSIC NOTES. So here we go. There will be some changes, so here is my vision, as Global Chair, for MUSIC NOTES. You can see in the masthead that this is Volume 47.1. I am hoping to publish MUSIC NOTES, three times a year. Later August/Early September, Late December/Early January, Late April/Early May. I expect they may be smaller in size, but hopefully will be a way of increasing communications and fellowship among the members. I will continue to publish “Staccato” on a Monthly Basis, intended to provide the most current information about IFRM.

The History of IFRM

Established 1972

The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians (IFRM) began in 1972 to "promote and encourage the use and appreciation of music in Rotary Clubs by Rotarians in our society and, thereby, to encourage world understanding."

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IFRM, Inc.

aka IFRM Foundation

The original IFRM Trust Fund was founded in 1977 with seed money provided by founder Jim Whited and supplemented through the sale of sing-along tapes and individual donations.

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