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Rotary World Choir—Melbourne, Australia May 26-31, 2023

The Rotary World Choir (RWC) is an International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians (IFRM) tradition.  We have often provided a choir for Rotary International’s Interfaith Service during the Convention.  We have also performed on the stage in the House of Friendship.   We want to have an RWC at the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia.   The RI Convention Dates are May 27-31, 2023.  This year the Rotary World Choir will be directed by Alisan Hastey.   You can learn more about Alisan in the latest Music Notes, available on our website via a link on the home page.

Rotary Global Choir 2023 Registration


What We Ask of You:


  • A $25 dollar per singer registration fee, payable through our website ( or by check sent to our Grass Valley P.O. Box:  

P.O. Box 2438
Grass Valley, CA, USA 95945

  • Please provide us with an e-mail address so that we can easily communicate with you in the coming months.
  • We will provide you with music and rehearsal materials via the Internet and Dropbox.  To participate you will need to have appropriate Rotary International Convention Credentials, but  you do not need to be an IFRM member to sing in the Rotary World Choir.
  • As a singer, you learn the music on your own, assisted by rehearsal materials and our "IFRM Sings" zoom meetings.
  • Attend an in-person rehearsal in Melbourne, possibly on Friday late afternoon or evening on May 26.  
  • Sing at the Interfaith Service, which could be on Saturday or Sunday morning, still to be determined. 

Registration will close on January 10, 2023.   We will then obtain appropriate music and make it available to you through Dropbox.

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