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Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

IFRM Bylaws provide for a maximum of 17 members on the Board of Directors. The Board is elected annually by the members present at the general membership meeting at the annual RI Convention. Officers of the Board are elected annually by majority vote of the Directors.

Activities and opportunities for fellowship among members consist of: (1) the annual newsletter; (2) the monthly e-bulletin; (3) the web site; (4) the RI annual Convention, including the IFRM Booth in the House of Friendship to recruit new members, to share fellowship through song and to network talent and expertise; and (5) performance at a variety of musical events at the club, area, district, zone and international levels of Rotary. Most notably, IFRM is known for establishing the Rotary World Choir, which performs at the RI Convention Interfaith Service, as well as entertaining at Presidential luncheons, receptions and other Convention events.

(An official copy of the revised By-Laws (June 2007) is on file with the IFRM Chair.)

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