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Membership in IFRM

The International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians (IFRM) is a dues/subscription/membership organization. IFRM Membership, by Rotary International Policy, is open to any interested person.

Benefits of Membership

  • Members are encouraged to share their Rotary music experiences with each other at conventions and throughout the year.
  • Participate in International Convention by performing in IFRM Rotary World Choir and other musical events including sing-a-longs at the community booth.
  • Join the IFRM Virtual Rotary World Choir, with weekly Zoom meetings throughout the Pandemic.
  • Subscription to Music Notes, the annual newsletter or the monthly e-bulletin. 
    These publications are our members' official vehicles for announcing Rotary musical events as well as other musical functions our members participate in throughout the year, for sharing photos of performing members, introducing original music and making special announcements about publications. New this year are guest columnists who write on topics of special interest to the membership.

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    Membership Form Instructions

    General Info


    If you wish to become a member, fill out these form pages and submit along with your credit card payment (processed through PayPal - NOTE: you are not required to be a member of PayPal to make your credit card payment).

    An alternative for payments is to download this form you can print and complete. Send the form and payment via check in US Dollars to:

    PO Box 2438  
    Grass Valley, California, USA 95945

    Account Info

    If there is a red bar on the left edge of the box, that box must be filled in (required).  Boxes without the red bar are optional.

    The initial registration page provides us with basic information needed to create your membership and portal-access account.  Virtually all of communications from IFRM will be sent to you via email so you must have a unique email address, that serves as your account ID. The password (7 or more characters/numerals) and email ID will provide access to the members-only section of the website.

    IFRM does not sell registration information to outside vendors or databases.

    Contact Info

    The Contact page asks for addtional contact information, most of which is optional. This information is especially useful to the Region organizations.

    Rotary Afilliation

    Recent changes in Rotary International Policies allow for open membership in Rotary Fellowships, such as the International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians, without actually having a Rotary Affiliation.

    However, if you have any Rotary Affiliations please let us know using the drop-down selection options. If you do not have any Rotary Affiliations, please mark “None” in the box.

    Musical Interests

    The membership of IFRM love and are interested in music. Our membership includes members who enjoy listening to music to professional musicians.; All are welcome.

    IFRM provides opportunities for Choral Singing at Conventions or through of IFRM Sings Zoom Meetings. If you might want to participate in any of these, please let us know your level of choral skills and your vocal range/part.


    IFRM is a membership organization.  In order to join, a payment is required. (You may know this payment as “dues”, “subscriptions”, “membership fee”.  There appears to be many unique ways of naming them around the world.)

    This electronic form required the payment via a credit card transaction which  is made in US dollars though You do not have to be a PayPal account holder to complete the credit card transaction.

    All fees are inclusive in the one membership payment and no other transaction fees are added.

    If you prefer to register by mail paying with a check (issued in USA dollars) you may - instead of using this online form - download and print the registration form and mail them to: 

    PO Box 2438  
    Grass Valley, California, USA 95945

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