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International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians

IFRM Member Area

Mail List
Mail List

IFRM Mail List:

IFRM's Mail List enables members to keep in closer touch with each other in between the annual events that bring us all together. It is a fully 'moderated' list, exclusive to current members of IFRM.

All messages are checked before being distributed to eliminate spammers or those with mischievous intentions. Traffic is not heavy - currently less than 10 messages per week - so it will not overload your “In-Box”.

The List is proving to be a valuable communication channel with members using it to share their views and experiences of Rotary and music.

To join, send a message with your name and details of your Rotary Club and District (to assist with validating your membership) to:

Member Area
Member Area

IFRM Members' Pages

The same Yahoo Group that hosts the IFRM Mail List also hosts pages where members may share information.

The Photo Gallery contains albums of pictures from the last International Convention, a portrait gallery of members and pictures of IFRM's humanitarian projects. Members may freely add to the picture collection.

The Files Folder contains documents such as the Registration for the World Choir at the next Convention, music files supplied by members and details of members' professional music making.

IFRM pin
IFRM pin

The Hot Links provide direct access to the top ten Rotary and Rotary-related websites.

  • Need a graphic for a leaflet of heading?
  • Got a query on the history of Rotary?
  • Need a make-up but cannot get to a meeting?
  • Want to check the latest news from RI or RIBI?
  • Wish to visit the former home of Paul & Jean Harris?
  • Need the latest information on PolioPlus?
  • Wish to check on your Rotary Foundation account?
  • Looking for another special interest Fellowship?
They are all there and they are exclusively for the use of subscribers to the IFRM Mail List. Just follow the link to the IFRM-Yahoo Group. 
Access these by visiting 

Members who do not have a Yahoo! account will be offered the opportunity to create a Yahoo ID with a Username and Password. Please note that subscribing to the Mail List is a complete separate process to subscribing to IFRM itself. Membership of one does not automatically create membership of the other.

Address any queries to