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International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians

Rotary World Convention & Choir

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Join us in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

June 23 - June 27, 2018

Under the direction of Judith Walker, our Choir Director, the IFRM-sponsored Rotary World Choir (RWC) will again perform at the Interfaith Service at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada in 2018. Please note that since all communication relating to the RWC is published in the IFRM monthly e-bulletin Staccato, all Choir singers are encouraged to join our music Fellowship. Please click on ‘Membership’ to join IFRM. The dues are $35 for a three year membership in IFRM. (Sign-up to sing in the RWC is separate.)

Each participant will be mailed music, badge and practice CD by April, 2018. Since Choir Director Walker is selecting new music for presentation, it is important to review each piece in your voice. A practice CD in your voice will be sent with the music. As usual, there will be only 2 hours of practice time. You must attend the rehearsal in order to sing at the Interfaith Service.

Sign up for the Rotary World Choir is CLOSED

Questions? Call Judith Walker at (219) 513-0549 or E-mail:

Rehearsal and performance times

We will be the only Choir performing. Our selection of music this year features the theme of hope and inspiration. The RWC will perform:

I know the rehearsal is late in the day (and the service early!), but we have no control as to when the venue will be available. We will be finished in time for you to get to an evening event. The good thing is that the rehearsal is in the same place as the service in the morning. Everyone will know where they are placed, and we will have worked out any challenges that the room may present. I've already reminded the production team that we need wheelchair accessibility as well as adequate stairs to the stage.

I will do my best to have your music and practice CD in the mail by the end of April. Music packets to countries outside the USA will be put in the mail first, because they take the longest to arrive. You will need a 3-ringed black binder in which to hold your music for the performance.

In the meantime, continue singing, and keep a song in your heart!

Choir Dress

Men: long-sleeved white dress shirt, black bow tie (will be provided), black pants and shoes.
Women: solid black outfit (style of choice) with 3/4 or full length sleeves, colorful scarf (solid or print), black shoes.
If not from the USA, authentic native dress is welcomed!

Booth & Annual General Meeting

IFRM Booth 239

Yamaha Canada has stepped up this year and is donating an upright piano for our sing-alongs free of charge! This corporation has continually supported our musical endeavors over the years and we encourage all musicians,in turn, to be mutually supportive of their products.

IFRMer Darrell Gaukroger, IFRM Booth Entertainment Chair, would like us to "make music" at the booth. So, please bring your mouth organs, flutes, banjos, guitars, violins, and... voices! Let the IFRM Star shine brightly this year....Booth 239!