logo_ifrm.gif   IFRM logo
logo_ifrm-print.gif   GIF of 1800 px X 500 px @ 300 ppi, prints 6" X 1.667"
logo_ifrm.eps    Illustrator file, opens any size/resolution, ideal for printers, large banners, etc.
logo_ifrm.psd    Photoshop file with all layers    Illustrator file
logo_clef.gif   Clef only
logo_clef-print.gif   GIF of 301 px X 500 px @ 300 ppi, prints 1.003" X 1.667"
logo_clef.psd   Photoshop file with all layers
logo_ifrm-banner.psd   Photoshop file with all layers, 800 mm wide