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Date PDF
Aug. 2017 MusicNotes_Vol-44.pdf
Aug. 2016 MusicNotes_Vol-43.pdf
Jul. 2015 MusicNotes_Vol-42_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2014 MusicNotes_Vol-41_No-2.pdf
Feb. 2014 MusicNotes_Vol-41_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2013 MusicNotes_Vol-40_No-2.pdf
Mar. 2013 MusicNotes_Vol-40_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2012 MusicNotes_Vol-39_No-2.pdf
Apr. 2012 MusicNotes_Vol-39_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2011 MusicNotes_Vol-38_No-2.pdf
Mar. 2011 MusicNotes_Vol-38_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2010 MusicNotes_Vol-37_No-2.pdf
Feb. 2010 MusicNotes_Vol-37_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2009 MusicNotes_Vol-36_No-2.pdf
Feb. 2009 MusicNotes_Vol-36_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2008 MusicNotes_Vol-35_No-2.pdf
Mar. 2008 MusicNotes_Vol-35_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2007 MusicNotes_Vol-34_No-2.pdf
Mar. 2007 MusicNotes_Vol-34_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2006 MusicNotes_Vol-33_No-2.pdf
Feb. 2006 MusicNotes_Vol-33_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2005 MusicNotes_Vol-32_No-2.pdf
Feb. 2005 MusicNotes_Vol-32_No-1.pdf
Aug. 2004 MusicNotes_Vol-31_No-2.pdf

Music Notes is IFRM's newsletter. The newsletter is our members' official vehicle for announcing Rotary musical events as well as other musical functions our members participate in throughout the year, for sharing photos of performing members, introducing original music and making special announcements about publications. It is distributed in PDF. Get Acrobat Reader