International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians

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How to Join IFRM, Pay Dues, or Make a Donation

Membership is open to Rotarians, Spouses, and Rotaractors
ANYONE CAN DONATE! Your donation funds special projects that focus on music literacy

Membership dues and renewals for three years are just US $35 and include the IFRM pin. Lifetime Memberships are still available for a one-time donation of $200, which includes all the benefits of regular membership plus the Lifetime-designated pin and special recognition in the newsletter. Spouses of Lifetime IFRM members are discounted to $100. Group memberships are no longer available.

Rotarians, spouses, or Rotaractors who wish to further their love and appreciation for all forms of music are invited to join like-minded lovers of music by completing the application form (pdf).

Members are encouraged to share their Rotary music experiences with each other. One way to share is through Music Notes, the annual newsletter or the monthly e-bulletin.. These publications are our members' official vehicles for announcing Rotary musical events as well as other musical functions our members participate in throughout the year, for sharing photos of performing members, introducing original music and making special announcements about publications. New this year are guest columnists who write on topics of special interest to the membership.

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Membership, Renewal, or Donation

Membership is open to Rotarians, Spouses, and Rotaractors

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Ordering your IFRM Pin


Attention, all IFRM members: Here's the perfect gift for yourself, your club, song leaders, piano players and all other club musicians and supporters of good music! You have your choice of a 1" or a 1"x 2" bright, gold-colored G-clef (treble clef) with a Rotary wheel in the center.

To order, make checks payable to IFRM for US $5.00 per pin plus $2.00 for shipping (there is no shipping charge on orders of 6 or more). Sorry, online purchase is not available yet.
Mail to:
Membership Chair
PO Box 10955
Pleasanton, CA, 94588 USA